Not able to connect my site to cloudflare

I’m getting this error while trying to setup cloudflare,
CloudFlare is already activated for “” under a different account. If you want to enable CloudFlare through this partner, please log in to your CloudFlare account and choose “Disconnect” on your CloudFlare DNS Settings page.

Though I did not see it.
Should I re activate my site on free cloudflare and delete something?

This is through a third-party partner? Try contacting Support to see if they can remove it from that other account. It’s clearly not active there.

Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

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Yes, I tried, the third party is saying they can’t and cloudflare support isn’t responding.

I met the same problem,but in my case,I deleted the website and rebuit it,and then could not activate the cloudfare service,it whowed that my domain had been activated under another account,but I know that I only have one account.Have you resolved the problem?

You should have at least received an automated response to your Cloudflare ticket. If you reply to that one, a human will take a second look at the issue. Can you post the Ticket #?

Not yet

Maybe @cloonan can see what’s up with this domain.

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Hi @abdulmueedqazi, sorry for the issues. I see your ticket and the site and your interaction with Support. The ticket is in queue at the moment and I see the domain is active with a partner under your account. If you no longer have access to that account (I think you do), you can try to reset your password. But, I show the site as active in your account and not sure how we can assist/what you’d like to accomplish.


Thanks for the response, I don’t know how but the issue is resolved now.


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