Not able to connect MainWP on CloudFlare

I have installed MainWP to update all my sites from a central dashboard on a subdomain of my site. But i am not able to update any of my child sites. If I pause Cloudflare, everything works fine.

I tried adding a firewall rule to skip my dashboard IP but that didn’t work either. Has anyone faced this issue? I tried searching in the forum but could not find any solution.

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I have MainWP running behind the Cloudflare proxy and it works with child sites that are proxied on both the same and other origin servers.

You might check your Cloudflare log to see if you can find the reason the traffic is being blocked. That may help you identify the setting you need to change.

Thanks for your update but I can only see the logs in the Security->Events for custom rules. Maybe because I am using Free Plan.

Is there any other way to figure out what could be going wrong?

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I have the same issues. Putting a reply in here to make sure the topic doesn’t get locked because I haven’t been able to solve this and I am getting desperate.

This affects all my sites across 3 different hosts.

For reference, here’s my earlier topic:

I also found this which may be related:

Both topics just died from lack of solutions…

I don’t know what to to tell you. My MainWP instance runs behind :orange: Cloudflare proxy and has child sites on both the same host and other hosts. All of the sites on other hosts are also behind :orange: Cloudflare. All hosts behind :orange: Cloudflare have Authenticated Origin Pull now, though they didn’t at one point.

If Cloudflare is disrupting the connection to the child sites, you should see the action in your Cloudflare Activity Log. You should be able to devise accommodations from the log detail.

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I set “Force IPv4 (optional)” to “Yes” (in MainWP) and that is helping.

However, I don’t know if that has any knock-on effects or will come back to bite me later.

I have never enabled that setting in MainWP. Unless something is not working on your child site’s IPv6 networking, it shouldn’t be necessary.

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I’ve passed this information along to one of the hosts I’m using… maybe they have some insights

Thanks for this update. Let me try this setting as well. By the way, as a workaround, I started using InfiniteWP instead of MainWp. everything is working fine with InfiniteWP.

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Did it work for you?
I hope to have some more insights to share early next week.

Yes, this worked for me as well. Thank you for the solution

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