Not able to configure DNS for my .au domain to redirect to one of my other domains

I have the domain name, and I’m trying to forward it to using a CNAME:

CNAME    Proxied

(The reason I chose this is because it’s the way Netlify has us configure a custom domain, so figured it would work the same for moving between my domains)

However I continually get “This page isn’t working” when attempting to visit in the browser.

I also have the domain, which does successfully redirect to, so I’ve tried to duplicate that exactly within the DNS for, but that also doesn’t seem to work…

Is there something special about the .au TLD that means it needs to be handled differently?

Can you please head over to and check your current SSL/TLS encryption mode?

If it is currently set to Flexible, then switch to Full (Strict).

Ah, progress! I’m now getting an invalid certificate page… Do I need to provide an SSL cert? Or do I just wait for Cloudflare to generate one for me?

That would be if the final destination doesn’t have a valid certificate matching your site.

… Just to confirm, you would be happy enough with the result, if just would redirect to, in the exact same way as does currently?

Yep I’m happy with that behaviour… Although I might reconsider in the future to just serve the content under whatever domain a user comes in from, but I’ll worry about that in the future.

Anyway, I forgot that the website is hosted using Firebase, and I need to actually set this custom domain in the Hosting section of the Firebase console too! :person_facepalming:… I’ve done that now and am currently waiting for that to propagate, so hopefully that’s the missing piece :crossed_fingers:

It’s now working!

Thanks for the tip regarding the TLS/SSL method, I wouldn’t have seen the Firebase fallback page without it!

This one is definitely one possible way of doing it. :wink:

I was however thinking about the alternative way, by letting Cloudflare’s edge do the redirect, rather than letting it pass through Cloudflare, to Firebase, to get the redirect.

Happy to hear that!

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

This is absolutely what I would prefer! For the most part, I just fumble through DNS/domains until something works :grimacing:

Do you know of a resource that I could read/watch that would help explain the difference?
Or if it’s a short explanation, are you able to provide that for me please?

Of course!

The CNAME you mentioned above, you can delete (or perhaps just modify) that one.

Instead, you’ll make the DNS record for the apex (naked domain) be like this:

Type: AAAA
Name: @, or
IPv6 address: 100::
Proxy status: :orange: Proxied:.

If you also want the www (sub-)domain to redirect, you’ll do the same there:

Type: AAAA
Name: www, or
IPv6 address: 100::
Proxy status: :orange: Proxied:.

You can then set up a Redirect Rules using the following link, which should look like this:

which would redirect both and to

I simply reused the screenshot from a previous example I made in the thread “Page Rule or Redirect?:wink:

For your use case, you would simply substitute parts with as being the source of the redirect, and the parts with as being the destination.

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