Not able to change NS

I added the NS records without the cname and A record and it doesn’t work.

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If you are trying to onboard your domain to Cloudflare, the correct way isn’t just to add some NS records within your current DNS provider.

You need to get delegation of name servers changed in the parent registry, through your domain registrar.

That said, -

What domain?

(@DarkDevil got there first)

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I registered it via cloudflare and used the proper ns to point to the host but without a or cname records, this is most likely why. It looks like, cloudflare wants me to pay extra if I want the change the default cloudflare NS.

You can only create NS records for subdomains. Paying extra does not change that.

If you want to use the Apex domain, you have to use A or CNAME records with Cloudflare.

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