Not able to change DNS to CloudFlare. On a Managed WordPress with IONOS

Have a Domain with IONOS which is connected to a Managed WordPress with IONOS. Tried to change DNS on IONOS to Cloudflare but get this message:

“Your domain is currently connected to application. This connection can not be reset. If you no longer want to use the domain with the application, you must disconnect the domain from the application in the settings.”

Seems like it’s impossible.
Also read this: Disconnect Domain from Managed WordPress - IONOS Help

What are your suggestions?

You mean to change your domain nameservers to Cloudflare nameservers for your domain name using IONOS interface?

So, the IONOS is registrar for your domain name, correct?

I am not familiar but one more helpful article:

Are there any other ways to use Cloudflare without leaving “Managed WordPress” setting to a “Standard Mode”?

Any ideas or I can’t do it?

It sure sounds like you can’t. You’d best confirm this with Ionos, as it’s their configuration. Cloudflare would just be the DNS host.

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