Not able to change DNS on another registrar

Domain is registrar is and I am not able to change DNS on registrar. Mail is being hosted by Google mail. Need to modify MX record on cloudflare.

What’s the domain name?


Although the mentioned domain is pointed towards Cloudflare name servers, the two Cloudflare name servers that the domain has been pointed to are claiming they are not authoritative for that domain.

… Did you by any chance delete your domain from Cloudflare, and then try to re-add it?

  1. What exact error code(s)/message(s) do you see?

  2. What status do you see on the front page of the Cloudflare Dashboard?

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But current status is pending Nameserver Update. It is instructing me to make change at registrar and make change there. When I communicated with they said the change has to be initiated at Cloudflare

Can you please try (re-)selecting your intended plan?

If you intend to be on the Free plan, just try selecting Free again.

I am on the Pro Plan

The “Yes” response you made above, … that was to the part about having deleted the domain, and then tried to re-add it?

If so, the plan would have been cancelled, and a pro-rata sum of the unused period should have been credited to your account balance, which should show up here:

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I initially had a free plan…deleted the domain when trying to resolve this issue. Yesterday signed up with Pro Plan to see if I can get this resolved (been have this issue for over one week now). Added back the domain to the pro plan …still getting message about updating the DNS via registrar.

Changing your nameservers at Register is something that you can do from your Register account dashboard.

There are lots of online guides available.