Not able to add .tech Domain to Cloudflare

I am not able to complete nameserver setup as my Domain registrar already has added few entries, which are locked and cannot be modified. I can add additional NS records but I cannot remove the locked records. Cloudflare requires me to remove those nameservers and add the cloudflare provided NS records. I have added the records, but still my domain is shown as pending Nameserver Update. Can someone help me? Is there a way I can use cloudflare on this domain?
I do not want to transfer the domain as I also have my email accounts which are provided by They only provide it for the domains they host.

Without changing your nameservers, the only other option would be a CNAME setup which is available on Cloudflare’s business plan or a subdomain signup which is available on an Enterprise plan.

I know the quandary regarding their hosted email. A registrar I use does the same thing, and it works well. However, I also use for many of my domains. It works well for a good price so I’m not locked into my registrar.

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