Not able to add R2 subscription in my Account

Users not able to see the videos. Lost all the access … Please add the Subscription to my account . It was working fine and showing next due date as Jul 2024. Still I am not sure why access is revoked

We are having Billing issues relating to subscription adjustments. The majority of issues with managing/canceling subscriptions for account holders are due to unpaid invoices. Please kindly raise a ticket if needed. If you already have a ticket, Support will respond to you on that ticket. Questions about billing will need to be resolved by the Customer Support team and cannot be resolved on the Community. Thank you!

@hollynghiem thanks for reply. I don’t have any unpaid bills. Also I have raised ticket on Saturday , and no one from the support team is replying. My whole business is down because of this …

My ticket number is 3293446 … can you please ask support team to have a look.