Not able to add MX record

Whenever I am updating my MX Records they are getting deleted automatically and old MX record is getting updated.

I am using webmail for mail servers and now shifted to google workspace. So whenever I am updating my Google Workspace record they are getting deleted and webmail mx records are coming back.

Please help me our to solve this solution.

As in, in the Cloudflare dashboard?


I’m suspecting that your old host either is a CF partner or has an API key attached to your account for record management - most likely the latter (since, otherwise, the hosts’ own UI would be used for DNS management).

Try following these steps:

  • go to and revoke all API tokens - this will prevent automated changes to your DNS settings
  • on the same page as above, scroll to ‘API Keys’ and click ‘Change’ on the ‘Global API key’ to change your global API key.

After you do this, if the records stop changing themselves, then the problem was a rogue application (likely your hosting provider) changing the records for you.

yes in the cloudflare dashboard under the DNS settings

I don’t have an API token there

Change the global API key and see if that fixes it.

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