Not able to add domain

I have registered a domain (on another registrar) about an hour ago, it’s already showing on whois database, but while adding it to Cloudflare, its still showing domain is not registered yet.
Can anyone tell me what’s going on?

The search didn’t provide any details on that?

Search about what?
Well, if you’re talking about whois search, the domain is showing. But on Cloudflare its showing domain is not registered.

Didn’t you use the forum search for the error?

Yup I did. I didn’t find any answer.

You didn’t? That’s strange, because the first thread already seems to address your issue.

I’ve read that thread already and everything is fine already. Whois search is showing my domain. Cloudflare nameservers were also added to my domain from my registrar’s control panel, everything seems to be correct but Cloudflare is showing the domain is not registered.

Well, how can you say everything is fine if you have add Cloudflare nameservers which obviously won’t respond for your domain?

You first need to have valid nameservers configured and whatever you have configured is not valid.




If you search “” you can see Cloudflare nameservers are added. Idk what’s happening with Cloudflare. This is the first time I’m facing this issue.

Again, the article addresses all of that and there was actually little point in posting here in the first place, as this is all covered by that article.

You need to configure valid nameservers first. Do that and you will be able to add your domain to Cloudflare.

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Should I remove the nameservers and add again?

As I wrote, you need to set valid nameservers. Cloudflare nameservers are not valid at this point.

Set back the original nameservers, make sure the site loads fine on HTTPS and once all that works you can use Cloudflare.

I see. Let me try that

Now its saying This web property is temporarily restricted. Maybe because I have tried adding many times.

Correct, as the article you linked suggests, you best wait a day or so.

Successfully added the domain to Cloudflare network. Thanks for your time for explaining me the problem :wink:

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