Not able to add domain to cloudflare

domain name -

I have updated cloudflare name servers to the following domain name, still not able to add this domain to cloudflare as it returns an error domain name is not registered.

Did you recently register the domain? I dont see any WhoIs data yet

I am not sure I understand. If you updated the Cloudflare Nameservers it sounds like the zone is already on Cloudflare. If it isn’t on Cloudflare it can’t have Cloudflare Nameservers.

Not sure what that is.

this is screenshot from cloudflare diagnostic tool

What is the first screenshot? Is that a Cloudflare account tool?

yes registered on 2nd december

From the zone? Because that seems unlikely. If you just registered a zone…. Was it using Cloudflare as the registrar? I think not. And if not it can’t shouldn’t have Cloudflare Nameservers assigned to them yet. It doesn’t have Nameservers to assign until the zone is added to Cloudflare.

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