Not able to add domain. Code: 1315

“Refer to for assistance. The zone you are trying to upgrade is marked as Do Not Upgrade. (Code: 1315)”

I cannot open a ticket without business plan, and I cannot upgrade to business plan. Very frustrating

Hi @nilas

Please create a ticket with → Cloudflare Support ← and share your ticket number here.


Were you able to create a ticket? Even if it was auto closed can you please post the ticket #.


Ticket was auto closed. ID 17386667.

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Hi there, sorry but could you please double-check the ticket ID? There is nothing in our system showing up with the ticket ID 17386667. I’ve found one from June 4th with the ticket ID of 3286889. Could you confirm that’s the correct one?

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Hi @nilas, I just wanted to confirm with you that our billing team has removed the “Do Not Upgrade” status for this particular situation (it is not the same process always) and now you should be able to add the site without any issues.

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