Not able to add a domain through siteground


I am not able to add my domain to Cloudflare service through Siteground. Please check the error in the screenshot -

Please help.

I contacted Siteground support. They suggested me to contact Cloudflare support. This is what they said

I checked the following article on reasons why a domain could not be added within the Cloudflare service:

https: // support. cloudflare. com/hc/en-us/articles/205359838#h_874829316161540417303369

I already checked and there is no DNSSEC for the domain and it resolves properly.

I would suggest you contacting the support team so they can see if the domain is banned in their database. Once they remove the temporary ban you will be able to activate the service from your cPanel.


You’ll need to contact Support and ask them to escalate your ticket to the Trust & Safety team. Contact Support AT cloudflare DOT com, tell them the domain in the email and include the reference to the error message & message text. If you receive an automated reply to your email, please respond back and indicate you’d like the ticket escalated to Trust & Safety.

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