Not able to add a .cm domain to cloudflare

I’m not able to add a .cm domain to Cloudflare.
When I choose add domain I get a message “ is not a registered domain
The domain registered with namecheap.

You must have working authoritative DNS, and you need to disable DNSSEC, before adding a domain to Cloudflare.

i40west, thanks for the response.
I already have 20+ domains on Cloudflare for the last few years. I could be wrong but I’m guessing the issue is with the .cm extension.
I’m also going to go back to Namecheap and see if it is something on their end.

Looks from here like you have to disable DNSSEC. Then, so long as the current nameservers are working, you should be able to add the domain to Cloudflare.

Thanks for the information. that was the issue. the cm tld does not support dnssec.

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