Not able to activate cloudflare on my blog

i am not able to activate Cloudflare on my blog since 2 days. i have added Cloudflare nameservers to my hostinger account but Cloudflare is not activated yet.
please tell me something about this problem

Hi @anuragkala01,

Can you share the domain that is having the issue?

Also, have a look at

domain is

hey anyone there

Sorry I didn’t reply earlier, I must have missed the thread after you replied with the domain.

It looks like you have added NS records for the domain and not changed the authoritative nameservers with your domain registrar.


to add:

$ dig NS 3600 IN    NS 3600 IN    NS 3600 IN    NS 3600 IN    NS

You need to change the authoritative nameservers at your registrar as said above.


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