Not able to access website after changing nameserver to cloudfare

Hi Team,

i am not able to access website after changing name server to though site show active on cloudfare home page.

i am free hosting website on

Kindly help on this.

Thank you.

Only one nameserver?

second nameserver was also added that is
i noticed that DNS setting show blank. please refer attached screenshot.


I tried your site myself and it works, although with a SSL error.

Go to the SSL/TLS app and make sure SSL is set to “full”; and in the DNS tab, make sure the record you have for the root has the orange cloud :orange: (click the grey cloud to turn it orange).

This is the problem of most free hostings. What’s your website’s CMS platform? What kind of cPanel you have? Lastly, is it newly bought and configured website? Cause if it is, it will take some time to propagate and for Cloudflare to “sniff”. That’s just based on my experience.

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