Not able to Access the Hosting

I have a domain, and i having issue to contact the hosting owner where he was helping out to do the hosting previously, but now im lost contact to him as he was missing in action.

May i know what i can do to get my hosting back up running? or how can i know the hosting owner’s Contact information?

I have checked with whois record , but there is no information of him.

Can you guys please help on this?

Thanks and Regards,

I am afraid but that question really is not for the forum here. You will probably need a new hosting account.

Hi Sandro,

Wasn’t able to get anyplace that I could ask for advice or help , so I came here for the issue I have .

Getting another hosting will lose all the files that is with the previous hosting owner , anyway I could retrieve all the files and data ?

I am afraid this really is not the right place. Maybe Reddit or StackExchange can help.

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