Not able to access ANY website

Ray ID: 88b5ca7b5ceda7f5 - I’m getting so pissed of and you should update your log on my account poiting to my IP and location. Anytime I tried to visit some website Cloudflare asked me to confirm I’m human. I ticked it and then the same stupid test showed up again. 100000000x on ton of website. I cleared my cache i have no browser extensions running and yep I’m still not able to access a ton of website as you are stupidtily blicking my IPs for no reason. I’m so ■■■■■■ pissed of as it is not productive for me and I can’t manage my work thanks to stupid cloudflare.

Can you get to my site here?
(This site has a number of rules I have set so may block you if your request comes from some networks or your IP has a low reputation).

If not, try my site here and click where indicated.

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