Not a single Edge Certificates after enabling Universal Certs almost 24 hours ago

I have enabled Universal certificates almost 24h ago, but there is still not a single Edge Certificate with the Universal type, no status nothing? Am I missing something to initiate this process? I am using the Origin CA to order new certificates and I have issued a couple of orders already just to test. I have done this previously on a different domain, but did not experience that there was not a single edge certificate

When I disabled Universal SLL and re-enabled it, I immediately got an Edge Certificate with a status of pending. Can we get to the bottom of this as to why no Edge Certificate was issued in the firstplace please?

Can you share the domain name(s) that this issue relate to?


Looking at your issue from the outside, I do not see any direct issues that should be preventing the certificate issue from happening:

I’m starting to believe that it is something similar to these other cases:

Expired Universal SSL will not renew

SSL universal certificate expired in 2021 and not renewing

In my attempt to dig for further information about the underlying issue, and, whether you could do anything on your own in that thread, I received this elaboration:

Given the previous threads, and the mention of fixes applied to accounts, my current recommendation would therefore be the following:

I will advice you to create an account ticket. Visit and choose “Account”.

Once you have created a ticket, please share the ticket number.