Not a registered domain (Code: 1049)



I am trying to add site to plan.

I get the error that the domain is not a registered domain (Code: 1049)**

Please help to fix it.

PS: I have seen a thread here regarding same error but the thread OP didn’t mention the website URL and support staff kept on asking for that.


Have you read this?


Just that in his case, the domain is delegated, and it does resolve (you get an A record when you try to resolve the bare domain), and this time the domain was registered 4 days ago, so it’s not delegation time (unless this thread was opened a few days after the actual issue, without attempting to add the domain again).

Anyways, now it looks like it should work. @yogeshpatel37, does it still not work for you? If so, I’ll open a support ticket, mentioning the domain does resolve, and despite that Cloudflare dashboard refuses to add it.


Ok. Still the same error. Just tried and replied here. Please open a ticket, the domain name is mentioned above.


Hi @yogeshpatel37, I am able to add without an issue. (you may have an issue passing branding check for Free Universal SSL, but that’s another issue).

Please post a screen shot of the error you’re seeing as I don’t see any indication in your audit logs of an Add activity for that zone.

Edit - If after trying again you are unable to proceed, you’ll need to login and open a ticket with support, other users cannot do that on your behalf.

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