¡NOS ATACÓ UN HACKER! Y te lo explico TODO

Sharing a great video on stopping attacks!

Very interesting video, for those wondering, I will make a very quick summary.

Their business was recently attacked by a major botnet that was very well distributed and was capable of going through the JS Challenge, they initially blocked some countries but it seems like the attack was still going through.
Eventually, they hired the enterprise package w/ bot management and enabled it. At first, it did nothing but eventually, the system began to catch on to the bots and mitigate the attack.

The video isn’t very descriptive on the aspect that I will point out now but it seems like there was further help from Cloudflare in order to mitigate such a complex attack (they suggested or deployed firewall rules to help the business).
Even if bot management filters out 95% of the attack, when you receive millions of requests in a short time span, chances are that your server will still be unavailable.