Normalize incoming URLs still decoding url after i desable it

I was enabled the " Normalize incoming URLs" setting for checking purpose.
And then i desable the " Normalize incoming URLs" setting. But still decoding the url.
I have tried many times to stop normalize but it’s not stopping.
What should I do.
Please help.

Could you please provide an example URL, which replicates this behaviour, so we can reproduce this?


For example
This url decoding by cloudflare

This is without cloudflare

For me the same error occures if I request:


but this in first place is not proof of, that Cloudflare triggers that “normalization”.

EDIT since you added something:

Yes, this looks like Cloudflare normalizes. Can you post a screenshot of your Normalization config in the Dashboard?

Can you also confirm that the two name servers at the bottom of your DNS page here are Clara and Zac?

Here is the nameservers screenshot

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I also don’t think I’m quite visualizing what’s going on. Normalizing only shows up behind the scenes, so I don’t think the browser will show the normalization. But if you Normalize to the origin, you’d see it in the logs.

That is my express node server.

So which logs should i see ?

The logs on the server.

I already tried.
I had see in my server logs.
In logs, url coming after normalize.

Normalizing by cloudflare

I requested on my ip address direct.
There is no problem with direct ip.
But when i request to my domain.
It’s normalizing

reply please

Since I think this must be a bug, I forwarded this to the devs. If possible please contact support [at] cloudflare [dot] com and open a ticket so we can append this on the internal discussion.


It was night for some of us. Most importantly, me. And I do need sleep, which is why I’m not here for you 24/7.


@munnyreol Please go ahead and open a ticket and share the ticket number here. Also, kindly include the webserver logs in the ticket as well for us to investigate. I can confirm that you do not have any normalization rules turned on.