Normal site being blocked? help please

Been trying to reach it keeps giving me DNS_PROBE_POSSIBLE on brave broswer and DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN on google chrome. I’ve searched the net and nothing seems to be working. Can it be added or is their something bad on the site, why its preventing me?

Thank you

What did it say, respectively what did you try?

The error message is actually pretty straightforward.

I’ve tried resetting my router(points to my pihole where the dns resolver is), my raspberry pi restart(running pihole), flushing the dns, i tried white listing it. i didn’t want to change dns server off of cloudflare as i love the speed im getting among other things. released and renewed ip. Thank you for your help, newbie here still learning ^.^

What you did was trying to flush any caches, but did you make sure the record exists in the first place?

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The website exists, just unable to access it using the dns. it shows its blocked when looking at the logs.

What’s the hostname in question.

But if you are sure the record exists, then it will be a local issue and not Cloudflare related I am afraid.

1 Like its not a local issue as I can access it if I switch to another DNS server, which Id rather not due to the speed and protection with

That domain is not using Cloudflare. It’s using GoDaddy name servers and resolves directly to a Hetzner server.

is their a way around to get to the website while using cloudflare dns?

or is this a bad site in general?

It looks like you can use just about anybody’s DNS to get to that site:

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That domain is not using Cloudflare but your registrar’s nameservers. It does resolve fine, however.

I am afraid that really will be a local issue and you best ask at StackExchange or Reddit.

well that’s odd they didn’t add cloudflare =( dang I love having the protection and speed from 2-3ms speed vs 20+ from others =(

You best clarify this with your host then, but even if it used Cloudflare, you’d still have the resolution issue. That’s something on your end I am afraid.

It is a private residence and my isp is not blocking it, without the cloudflare DNS I can view the site just fine. so I’m unsure why it would be on my end. I’ll investigate and research more. again sorry I’m new to this. Thank you for your time ^.^

So the issue is the resolution on Cloudflare’s Family DNS? That’s a whole different issue.

Yes, there the domain is blocked, probably because of its categorisation.

You better use then.

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will the still provide active malware protection as well as all that extra blocking for family? only reason im using the also its a tad quicker too boot. is not faster than .1, but no, .1 won’t filter any addresses any longer.

If you believe this was in error you can submit a recategorisation request at the same URL.

I shouldn’t have said “faster” but when pining its usually 1ms difference sometimes.
ok i submitted feedback. Thank you. will block malware and phishing sites. If you need more fine-grained control, you’d have to use Gateway for Teams (it’s free for home use). It does take a bit of effort to set up, though.

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