"Normal" cached bandwidth percentage

I’ve been running Cloudflare for about 4 months and it seems like 30% of my bandwidth is cached and 70% is uncached (and therefore comes from my origin server).

Also, I’m seeing that only 5% of my requests are cached; 95% are uncached.

Does that seem like a normal amount? I was expecting more to be cached.


I feel your pain. Especially when I see others with extremely high cache hit ratios.

It depends on two things:

  1. Your cache settings. Some stuff just isn’t cached by default, so you have to add Page Rules to catch the static stuff that isn’t being cached. For the stuff that is cached, the default settings don’t cache for very long.
  2. How much traffic your site gets. The more traffic, the more likely a visitor will get a cached file.


Thanks for the tips and for the link to the article. It’s very helpful.

There have been a lot of changes to my site over the past few months and I’ve purged everything from the cache probably at least once a week. Now that the content is stable, I guess I’ll wait a few weeks to see how the cache ratio changes. I get about 1000 uniques a day to the 50 most popular pages on my site so hopefully it won’t take long.

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