Nordvpn help

I use Cloudflare for dns and firewall, our website has an admin url which is currently publically accessible

What I want to try and do is use nordvpn to restrict access to the admin url using Cloudflare firewall, I’ve looked at their static ip service and it only provides one static ip per account which isn’t helpful as I need multiple users on nordvpn at the same time to access the admin system

I understand that nord have a huge pool of common ip addresses and wondered what the best approach would be to do this?

If Nord isn’t the best option is there something Cloudflare offers?

So we need 10 different users to connect to a vpn that are then allowed to access the admin url anyone else should be blocked. I already use Cloudflare firewall to prevent access to the cdn sub domain unless the referrer is from the main website and that works great

You should look into Zero Trust. It will mean that while the site is publicly accessible, users need to log in to be able to access the page.

Thanks for your reply.

The downside to that is the user would then have to log in twice, once to Cloudflare and once for the actual admin, where with a vpn it’s just setup once in open vpn client with a toggle on or off

While the double login is true, it is easier to manage. But you can maybe look at warp for login.

So I tried the zero policy one time pin and it did indeed show me the access screen but I never received the email

I set the policy to Allow and then added an include for emails and added my email to the list.

Clearly I’m doing something wrong, any idea?