Noob questions about Cloudflare's DNS prices / features?

Noob here with noob questions about name servers / using Cloudflare for name server services.

I didn’t think much about DNS / name servers other than response time to inquiries and that the name servers will be up.

Didn’t realize / don’t understand all the things that cloudflare includes. On their home page they list loads of things under products.

But then pricing has free, pro, business, enterprise.

All the products are in at least some of those 4 levels? Or are (some of ) the products on the home page the add ons?

How many domains can you have under the free and pro levels? (is that anywhere that I didn’t see?).

Is there a simple page that explains the different features? Like even at the free level - what does global contact delivery network mean?

and DDoS attack mitigation - if loads of requests come in for your domain, it slows down the response? Does that have to be configured? Seems they’d know better than me how to set things up.

And with Pro - lossless image optimization? Mobile optimazation? Cache analytics? All those relate to DNS name server tasks?


Hi @feetsdr,

You can see a comparison of features by plan on this page, if you click on ‘Compare all plans and features’.

There are some products that you pay separately for or are billed based on usage, but most of the core features are included on the plans.

The pricing is per domain, so you can have as many domains on the free plan as you want, but you would pay $20/month for each domain you wanted to upgrade to the pro plan, for example. If you are looking at the Enterprise level, you may get discounts based on how many domains you add, but would need to discuss this with sales.

You can just use Cloudflare for DNS on the free plan if you don’t want any of the additional features. When your DNS records are scanned and imported, you will see an icon to the right of most of them. :orange: beans it is ‘proxied’ and therefore Cloudflare’s features are enabled. :grey: means ‘DNS Only’ so Cloudflare will provide your DNS, but not enable the other features. If you set them all to :grey: you will just be using Cloudflare as your DNS provider.

As for the other features you specifically mentioned, if you have your DNS records set to :orange::

Cloudflare have a network of datacentres on over 200 cities arount wor world. By default, when a static resource (such as an image) is requested on your site, they will keep a copy in the datacentre to speed up the respons for the next time someone requests it. If your site is low traffic, this may be dropped quickly, but it can help speed up your site a lot.
More info at:

You can configure basic things like the security level of your site and Cloudflare will challenge/block what it thinks to be malicious traffic. If you are under attack, you can also enable settings to help mitigate it. You can also build custom firewall rules and on paid plans (Pro, Business or Enterprise), you get a Web Application Firewall with a large number of already created rules.

These are all settings that can help speed up your site by optimising images etc.

No, if you just want DNS, set your records to :grey: - these are additional features that Cloudflare offer if you set then to :orange:.

I hope that helps, please just let us know if you have any further questions!

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