Noob question: Does it take time to see speed improvements from Pro / Polish / Argo / etc?

About 3 days ago I upgraded to Cloudflare Pro and enabled Polish (with webp enabled) and Argo.

I don’t see any change to sitespeed at all. (Speed might even be slower).

Nor do I see any changes to image filesizes which I would think would be visible if images were being served as webp.

Is there a time delay in seeing these optimizations typically? Or did I do something wrong setup-wise?

Is there anything I need to do on the server side?

Thanks in advance.

The speed benefit is barely noticeable for “good” connections, if you were under a congested route path or had slow internet then those performance add-ons are noticeable, but otherwise, you probably can’t notice them.
The major speed change you can get from Cloudflare (once you already have it) is by adding APO, it caches your site on the edge and the speed gains are ridiculous, however, it is limited to WP only.

EDIT: The addons also have different impact depending on the site you own.

Ah ok thanks. That’s really different from the upgrade messaging Cloudflare gives us, I guess.

The only reason I upgraded (and added Argo) was to improve SiteSpeed. I’ll probably downgrade back to the free tier then if it’s barely noticeable.

I don’t run a WP site. It’s just straight html, css, js & php

I definitely purged the cache after adding Polish, as is suggested in the Cloudflare docs.

Still not seeing anything that’s got a webp header on the entire site.

Argo IMO is very good, people with slower connections have told me site is faster. However, the PRO upgrade is mainly beneficial if you are interested in the WAFand other features it comes with, speed is nearly the same except for the network prioritization.

You could leave argo enabled and check if with workers you can recreate something similar to APO by fully caching your site and cleaning the cache when changes are made, I believe this is the fundamental concept behind.

I mean, “People told me” isn’t really much to go on. I’m going off third party speed metrics from pagespeed in analytics to Pagespeed Insights, GT Metrix, Fast or Slow, etc. I can also enable throttling and use Lighthouse.

I can’t see any measurable difference. More importantly, I see zero webp (in the image file headers) nor do I see any change in image filesizes.

Sorry. I appreciate the advice. No need to get upset @sandro. I have already responded with the domain and the forum spam-filtered it until a human can look at it. So I’m not going to fight technology or forum regs as I’ve just joined.

re: webp, I cleared the cache. Still no webp showing up on the image headers, and image filesizes remain the same.

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