Noob question about vs WARP

Hi Everyone-

Here is my use case: I frequently travel and hop on public wifi at airports, hotels, coffee shops. I get online to browse reddit, check my stocks and banking apps, emails, imessage, etc.

I have been doing some research about WARP…If I just use the option on the iphone app will that be sufficient protection on the public wifi, or do I need to toggle to the with WARP? is DoH, while the is a VPN, why use one over the other?


sorry I meant with WARP is VPN…

It sounds like you answered your own question. Yes, Warp will encrypt your connection as you go through public WiFi. is just for DNS.

Thanks, so for a non techie, what is the difference? will offer me protection from bad actors snooping on the public wifi? is just for looking up the IP address of a website. If you type in your browser, your device will use the name server at to find the IP address for And then use your raw network connection to connect.

If you’re using Warp, your device will go through a secure tunnel nested in the local network connection to get to the website. This prevents local snooping.