NOOB needs help pretty please - credentials for FTP/DB access

Hey community I’m an absolute NOOb and would appreciate any help.

We are changing our hosting provider to SiteGround and our Devs are contractors that work with us as and when we need them. We set up Cloudflare not them, as we needed to speed up our site and add another layer of security.

We are using the Cloudflare name servers and devs have asked for the following:

“We tried accessing your Cloud Flare application but we can’t find the credentials for
FTP/DB access.
Can you please confirm the FTP and DB credentials so that we can access the files and data?”

I’ve tried googling and reading every document I can find and I’m still clueless.

Can anybody suggest where I can find this info?

I appreciate any help offered.


Cloudflare is a CDN and proxy layer, it doesn’t host websites. There are no FTP/DB services on Cloudflare they’d be wherever your host resides. If siteground has FTP/DB access you’d want to point them to whatever servers/IPs they provide.


Thanks @cs-cf that would explain why I can’t find anything about it, I really appreciate your help.

Massive thanks, Jimmy

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