Noob ~ infinite loop

Just started playing around with Zaraz and thought, I know I’ll do a customer HTML with a console.log hello world as you do,…

So the triggers work, I just picked 1 URL and worked perfectly but it loops the console log.

Any ideas?


Thanks for bringing that to our attention. What does the Match Rule equal to?

Hi yair,

it’s just “/somepage.html”

This bit works, the trigger only fires on the page but loops forever.

Hi @gabriel1 - does the loop happen when you load the page in a private / incognito browser window too? I’m wondering if there’s a previous trigger that’s been cached somehow?
Alternatively, is there any sort of hot-reload mechanism that’s locally refreshing the page content (if you’re developing locally?)? Otherwise please can you share the url of where this is happening for us to investigate further?

Hi ruskin,

The same issue in incognito, the page has a ton of scripts, chat bot, GA4 with scroll depth, optimize, loads of stuff monitoring etc…

I guess it must be a conflict, happy to dm the URL. I’ve disabled it as each loop just hitting your API and your block us :smiley:

Please send us the URL over Discord Cloudflare Developers