NOOB - DNS and Bluehost

I have a couple of questions before I sign my site over to CloudFare

First, I’m just a little confused on how the DNS works. First, will this potentially affect my website or other integrations like GSuite? I just don’t want any interruptions…I just change my DNS and a few hours later…profit?

Second, I have a shared server with multiple sites on the same IP, will the DNS changes to one site affect the others?

Third, some of my sites are on Bluehost, I understand there may be some issues with needing to have www on every entry. I’m NOT enabling Cloudflare via Bluehost because of this. Is there a good workaround? Again, I’m worried about people not being able to access the site without the www while I’m figuring it all out…

Thank you!

  1. Cloudflare DNS is like any other DNS. You need all the same entries you have at your current DNS provider. And then some of the Cloudflare entries will be set to :orange: for website optimization and protection.
  2. DNS for one domain has nothing to do with other domains on a server.
  3. The ‘www’ thing is only for third-party hosts with DNS for your domain that do a CNAME setup for your domain. If you set up directly at Cloudflare, you shouldn’t need to use CNAMEs if your web server has an IP address for your domain. And then you won’t have to use ‘www’ for your domain (but you should still have a DNS entry for it so www can forward to the naked domain).
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