Noob assistance

Hi All,

I’ve setup my Cloudflare account and I’ve updated my name servers for domain
I’ve even checked it using mxtoolbox and it reflects Cloudflare after dns update which happened more than a week ago.
Still get no success and shows “pending nameserver update”.

please assist.


Thanks Sandro

Where have you changed the nameservers? They still show up as *

Hi @lorinz, I just kicked off a recheck of your name servers, but I don’t think this change was done correctly. Same question as @sandro, where did you change your name servers? (they should be changed with your domain registrar)

Hi @cloonan & @sandro

I’ve requested that our registra internetsolutions update the DNS’s and they’ve done the “www” portions.
When i lookup the domain on mx it shows the Cloudflare servers.
What else can I send them to update so that it reflects correctly and goes through Cloudflare?

The www part is unrelated to the nameservers. I cant tell what you asked them to do, but they have not changed your nameservers as required by Cloudflare.

This was there reply

Hi Lorin
We have made the relevant changes. Please allow 10 minutes for propagation.
@ 600 A
@ 600 A
www 600 NS
www 600 NS

That might have been their reply but as mentioned 16 hours ago :wink: your nameservers still do point to hosts.

You can verify that yourself at

Apologies, this was copied and pasted, the email is dated 22 November.

Maybe they changed it back since then. Cant tell, but as long as the nameservers are not set as required Cloudflare wont work for you.

I’ve sent them your response with the return from registry.
Will await feedback.
Strange the MXtoolbox reflects Cloudflare dns’s though.

It does?


Ohhhh Christ, they set the nameservers as A records :roll_eyes:

That is plain wrong! Instead of setting the IP address of the nameservers as A records they need to set the hostnames as NS records. No idea who is working there :wink:

Registrar just told me if they change those DNS records my mail will drop?
I just wanted webtraffic routed through Cloudflare. Does this mean I need to reconfigure MX records aswell?

A “duh” moment :wink:

It does, you simply need to configure your MX records on Cloudflare to be the same as what you have right now.

Not entirely a “duh” moment when you’re seeking assistance with a subject “noob assistance”.

But thanks anyway.

It is not about your posting, it was a reaction to their response. That coupled with how they “applied” Cloudflare to your domain does question their competence.

Yes, if you change DNS servers without migrating all necessary entries, services (like mail) depending on these entries will cease to work, however there is no point in telling you “mail will drop”, the important bit is that you migrate those entries.

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