Nonstop 521 and 524 Errors

I have been running Cloudflare on my website for the last several days and have absolutely loved the improvements it has brought, but as of this morning, all I have been getting when trying to access my backend is 521 and 524 errors.

I have been getting these errors intermittently over the last few days, but have not been this bad. At this point, I can not even access my back end. I was able to view the front end for a while but I dumbly purged all cache in hopes that it would help me access the back end and now it’s showing nearly nothing on the front end.

My domain is and my host is Godaddy. Please let me know if there is any further details I can provide.

#CommunityTip 521 error
#CommunityTip 524 error

Also, the 521 error that pops up is that the Browser is Working, Cloudflare is Working, Host ( is Not Working. I am on hold right now with GoDaddy support to see if they can help identify anything.

Have you read through the 521 and 524 tips?


Sorry for the delay in getting back, I did try what I could on my own but also called my host (GoDaddy).

The person on the phone asked me about the A record Cloudflare was pointing to and recommended deleting everyone that was not the one to our actual website.There was 19 in total A record, which I removed 18 of them down to 1 record. Was that the right move to do? I did take a screenshot of all the records prior to deleting them.

I will say that doing that did clean up the 521 record, and now I am dealing with a 503 error with them on the phone. But I wasn’t sure if that was the right move or not. 19 A records did seem like a lot and made sense with what she was telling me.

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