Nonprofit website down. I'm not all

I talked to Bluehost. They said we need to ask domain host to change name servers to Bluehost and gave me two server names. I logged into Cloudflare. We are a free account so no customer service available.

My question is should I delete the two name servers that are currently “…cloudflare…” or should I just add two more “…bluehost…” name servers to the list?


Do you use Cloudflare Registrar for your domain? Or do you have another Registrar for your domain and you’ve just pointed it towards Cloudflare?

If it’s the former… then you’re out of luck - Cloudflare registrar domains can not use non-Cloudflare nameservers. If it’s the second, then you’ll need to login to your domain provider’s panel and update the domain’s nameservers. In this case, you’ll probably want to remove the Cloudflare ones and set them to the ones provided by Bluehost.

If you are comfortable sharing the domain, I can take a closer look.

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Thanks for your adivce.

I think it sounds like I need to switch hosts. Appreciate you taking your time to look!!!

cityscience org

Registrar is TierraNet, aka domaindiscover com

Host is Bluehost

Free Cloudflare account

Have you read the Community Tutorial on ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS?

One of the most common solutions is to make sure that Cloudflare is set to Full (Strict) SSL mode.

Epic Network! You are the MVP of 23! Changing to Full Strict SSL mode instantly fixed the redirect problem.

Are you the Epic Network located in ID?

FYI - CityScience downsized to a few grant funded LEGO programs in 19’, closed during the pandemic, and now is getting back up and running. Looking at this site for the first time in awhile - it is time for mapping out website updates!

Thanks again. Have a great weekend!

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