None of my dns entries are working all the sudden

hi , my dns entries are no longer working. my ns are still there but when I try to lookup using digg or nslookup neither dns entires nor ns info is found for my domain names. I tried to add new “A” record on sub domain and even that is not found. is one of the CNAME record. is another “A” record (Proxy is disabled) and I have checked backend is healthy

Can you please help troubleshoot?

Thank you

Hi @fictechnologies,

You should contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the link at the top of this page “// Cloudflare Support //” and choosing the third option (“Get more help”).

Your domain has been suspended by the registry.

You need to contact your registrar.


Yes I checked and now that is the status in the dashboard of my provider.

can you please share how did you discover that?