Non www version of website is giving 526 error

our non www version of website is not loading. it’s showing invalid ssl certificate even though it’s still active. i am getting 526 error code non www version of website and ssl is set to full mode not full mode stirct. my website is https:// www.royalmobi .com. please help me with it. thanks.

I see the redirect is set to which is now working.

It is recommended to set to Full Strict unless there’s compatibility issue with your host. For more info, read :point_down:

If the error is persisting you may check this CommunityTip for the resolution:

You are right, just a small remark

There generally are no compatibility issues in the context of certificates, only invalid certificates and those need to be fixed on the host side. The encryption mode should always be Full Strict.


Hi, thank you for your reply.
when i try to to set full strict mode even www version of website doesn’t load. and yes website does redirect to www version. but for some users it didn’t redirect and was showing error to the users. when i checked origin serves it’s showing create certificate. what do i need to do here. please let me know.

@neiljay already provided you with the correct articles and how to fix this.

If your site is not on Full Strict, it is not secure. And if it does not load, it’s the server issue the mentioned article talks about.

But we discussed this already two months ago, didn’t we :wink:

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