Non www URL to www URLs?

Can I use page rules to change non-www URLs to www URLs? I’m having trouble with Kinsta’s new CloudFlare verification system. They made me remove A records from CloudFlare and replace them with C records. For some reason, all my non-www URLs broke. We have thousands of them rankedin Google and I hate to lose that. Would like an easy way to redirect them to the www versions, as those work.

You already have DNS records, I expect, so all you need is the Page Rule from this tutorial:

I tried that but it doesn’t work. Please see my attached page rules.

URL should go to but it 404s to my main page.

The Match includes /trial/, but the forwarder does not.

Thanks but it still doesn’t work. I just don’t think this is what will work.

Should go to

It’s doing some other type of redirect. Do you have any other Page Rules?

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Yes a 404 redirecting to the home page. That seems to be what it’s hitting.

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