Non-www redirect to www not working. Could u pls help me?

Dear experts!

I cant be more happy with Cloudflare! Thanks for your great service !
Before asking for your help, I read 15 topics like mine, followed and applied the tutorial and googled 5 hours and I still can not make it work!
I need that everytime someone looks for “douet” in Google (what currently points to “” or “”) that request is sent to “”.
Douet is my company. You will only see a Centos landing page for now.
Could you please let me know what I have missed ?

Thank you very much and best regards,

That will be a missing configuration on your server side. Either you fix that on your server and/or you adopt the approach outlined under Redirect to

Hello Sandro! Did I mention that I already applied the tutorial before asking for help. I wrote you guys looking for help.


Thank for your message anyway

If you had implemented that, you wouldnt have the issue as every request to “www” would redirect to your naked domain which already works.

Anyhow, if you want the naked domain to “www” you need to follow Redirect to and fix your server configuration.

Alright, you seem to have the redirect in place. Then you just need to fix your server configuration.

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