Non www pointing to Moteefe site


I recently migrated to Cloudflare free account and I noticed that my domain with www is pointing correctly to my wordpress site but but non www is pointing to some other site moteef

I have no idea how this is happening. Please help and let me know how to find out root cause. I am currently using namecheap and cloudways for domain and hosting services.

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It’s easiest to use a Page Rule to redirect:
Forwarding URL (301):

Thanks will look into these but how come my domain is pointing to some other domain which I dont own. how did they do that.

That’s generally due to a misconfigured server at your web host. If your site doesn’t load for that URL, there’s usually a “Default” site in the server configuration that’s served instead.

Thanks for info, but I checked with hosting provider and he asked me to first disable proxies at Cloudflare and purge everything. After a minute I can see my wordpress site instead of moteef site. The issue is at Cloudflare side.

Ah, I didn’t know what Moteef was. They use Cloudflare and probably added your domain to their Cloudflare account. So when you proxy through Cloudflare, it routes your domain through their configuration. Contact Moteef and ask them to remove your domain from their Cloudflare SaaS configuration.

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