Non-www and www using 2 different cert


In my DNS, I have an “A” record with Name: pointing to Content: IP addressimage . A “CNAME” record with Name: www pointing to Content: [DNS ONLY] .

My wordpress instance is running on Amazon Lightsail and I have an Let’s Encrypt cert valid for that instance.

My question is: how comes is using Cloudflare cert while is using Let’s Encrypt Cert? SHould they be using the same cert? If I want both to be using Cloudflare, what would I do?

Without knowing the actual domain, I can not confirm this is an issue. They should both be using the same cert.

Hi sdayman,

I actually just got it working by changing the Proxy Status of the CNAME record from “DNS Only” to “Proxied”. Now both the www and non-www are using the same cloudflare record. But I’m not quite sure why that solve the problem. Should the Proxy Status have any impact on cert?

Let me know if you need the actual domain. Thanks in advance.

Generally, I’d expect your assumption to be correct, but there are situations where a :grey: CNAME that points to a :orange: “A” record will replace that “A” record with an unproxied unique subdomain hostname.

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Hi Sdayman,

Thanks for your help. I really appreciate that. My domain is: which is using cloudflare cert. The that was DNS only was using Let’s Encrypt cert. I managed to get the www one using the same Cloudflare cert by changing it from DNS only to Proxied now. Would that help to figure out the root of the issue?

They both show Cloudflare for me now.

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