Non-standard ports for Load balancer & failover

We want to setup load balancing & fail over for TCP ports like …


56000,65000,64104,35001 – 35080, 37001 -37030

But as per the Cloudflare documentation only following ports are proxyed.

How do I use the above ports with load balancer?

Rishikesh Somshetti
NetGains Technologies Pvt Ltd

You could setup nginx as a reverse proxy or with a firewall.

Dear MarkMeyer,

If you can help us with some URL links?

  1. Do we have to upgrade our plan for availing this feature?

  2. How much does it cost?


I don’t believe CF can load balance based on port, unless you’d like to take to Enterprise sales.

Also, this is bad failover strategy since the entire machine’s network stack could go down, or the machine itself could go down, making failover itself fail.


The reverse proxy server can become single point of failure. Hence we are looking at some other robust bechanism. Please let us know if upgrading to any other plan would help.

Also if any of the community members have implemented load balancing for non-standard ports.

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