Non-Proxied DNS setting reverts to proxied on its own

Hi all,

I’m having an issue with DNS record which I cannot explain what is happening. Whenever I set a DNS record to non-proxy after some time it automatically updates to Proxied.

I’m using this record to update my IP address and used it in a OpenVPN config so I cannot have this one proxied otherwise it points me to cloudflare Ip and not my own.

Does anyone know how to solve this ?

Thank you all

Are you using Ezoic or any other service that can make configuration changes to your account?

You can use the audit log to check any changes that are made…

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this is weird…

I saw in the log a change to proxied: true but this was not something I did.

I don’t use Ezoic, the only service I have writing to this dns record is pfsense whenever a new IP is assigned to my home connection.

Found the culprit…

The pfsense service actually enables the proxy by default, you need to turn it off.


Thanks for the help


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