Non-proxied DNS entry?

I have my own domain certificate but the site is running through Cloudflare now. Attempts to RDP thru my domain name timeout. I can RDP to the server directly via an IP address but the certificate is not recognized since I’m not coming through the domain. Typical RDP cert warning is displayed.

I’ve been told the following:
“You can also add a DNS entry in Cloudflare that’s not proxied e.g. instead of, then get the cert for that (for http validation to work you don’t need an IIS website to match the name, it just has to be a name that resolves to that machine).”

So I’d like to confirm that if I get another cert like the example listed (obviously using my domain) can I set it up on Cloudflare to just pass the request along? I assume that is what not proxied means?


Hi @tl11,

It seems from your description, that you just want a hostname that bypasses Cloudflare? If so, you can just add a DNS record and set it to :grey: rather than :orange:. This will then resolve directly to your server and any certificate config should be done there.

Excellent news. I’m off to go get a new cert, thanks!

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