Non-numeric Script Warning

Question, please? I have been receiving a warning message in the text body of articles. It comes and goes. It states I have in the pathway a warning of a ‘non-numeric’ script on line 165 in the theme. How may I correct it? Thank you.

That’s not much to go on. Was there a question?

Sorry, I posted and had to edit, thank you.

It was in the ‘wp-content’ pathway. I just checked and it doesn’t show up this morning. I was about to deactivate and reactivate Yoast and the ‘insecure content’ plugins to start.

Got it. Here is the warning message, sdayman, sorry for the ambiguous start: …/PUBLIC_HTML/WP-CONTENT/THEMES/MADURA_PRO/ADMIN/TCPRN_SHARES_COUNTER.PHP. ON LINE NUMBER 165 Could it be an error in my article construction? Thank you.

That sure doesn’t look like a Cloudflare error. Maybe the theme devs can help you track this down.


Okay, thank you. I highlighted it and am looking in elements right now. What blows my mind is that it comes and goes. Thank you for taking the time. With the recent issues that have occurred with Cloudflare and Yoast, I wasn’t sure. Have a great day, Sdayman.

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