Non-human Traffic from Germany

I got ads serving limit because of lot of non-human traffic on my website from Germany. I have applied firewall rules as well but still I am getting traffic from Germany, Frankfurt location.!

What to do now ?

A firewall rule to block users from Germany blocks IP addresses which are geo-locates as being in Germany, it is entirely possible that visitors not in Germany would be served from the Frankfurt colo.

Assuming the firewall rule was created correctly, that traffic is just a byproduct of BGP routing algorithms.

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So what is the solution now ? can you suggest any new firewall rule ?

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Visitors with an IP address in Germany are being blocked, so the rule is doing what you asked. Blocking a Cloudflare data center would potentially block visitors from a large number of other geographies and and around the European Union. If that is really what you want to do, you’d need to write a Cloudflare worker to block requests based on the data center. It’s not something exposed in firewall rules as it wouldn’t make sense for most sites.

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With your inputs I stopped cloudflare for my website and checked traffic source. What I found is, It has nothing to deal with cloudflare datacentre. Somebody is trying to send invalid traffic on my website. Because number of visitors are remaining above 30 constantly and location didn’t changed after stopping cloudflare.

These hits to the / path with a query string added by WordFence.

WordFence adds these query string internally via JavaScript when you use its live logging feature.

In my website, somehow Googlebot started scanning these URLs, and if Googlebot can find them, other crawlers can too. You should try a Firewall Rule that blocks requests with query strings containing “wordfence_lh”. This shouldn’t interfere with Wordfence’s functionality, as the plugin doesn’t make external requests to run its live logging feature.


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