Non-http protection?

Hi all, I’m looking to get some protection for my game server. There are cheating players who get banned and it’s only a matter of time before some angry kid gets hold of a botnet for some revenge etc.

My problem is that Cloudfare seems to be geared towards web servers with DNS. However, players connect to my server directly via the IP address and port number (UDP protocol), there is no domain name - this is the way the servers are listed in-game.

My question is, will Cloudfare provide protection for this, either on the free signup or one of the paid options? I tried signing up just now but it was talking about nameservers and suchlike.

You would need an Enterprise plan in this case.

Respectively, you could also contact them about but I would expect that to be Enterprise-ish too.

Going off of @sandro you would also need a domain because Cloudflare can’t protect direct IP connections

Here is another time this was asked

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This is what I needed to know, thanks!

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