Non-existent DNS Record Found When Adding New Site To Cloudflare

Hey all,

I just attempted to add a new domain (lets call it into my account.
The domain is from Google and the only DNS records on there are for the GSuite account associated with the domain.

During the process of of adding the site and searching for DNS records, Cloudflare found none of the GSuite related records which were in the Synthetic Records section of Google - no big deal I guess.

What it did find was a TXT record with Name “” and a value of ca3-6********************* (where stars are additional numbers and letters).

I contacted Google and they said that they do not see this record and assured that it was not necessary for them. They suggested I contact Cloudflare support to see if this was something they needed in this particular case (and here I am). Can/Should I delete this or should it be kept?

Any help is appreciated.



Here’s the explanation:


Thanks @Judge and @cloonan

I will leave it as is then :+1:t3:

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