Non-Cloudflare Nameservers

I have a domain which is registered to a local provider. I thought of building DNS redundancy and created website in Cloudflare for and created all the A records that are on the my original local provider cpanel.

I’ve requested local provider to update nameservers to my domain, which has been done (5 days ago) and now appears on whois.



Just received an email notification that Cloudflare nameservers are yet to point to Cloudflare.
Does it not work with this setup?

Your current setup won’t work because you are using non-Cloudflare nameservers alongside Cloudflare ones. To resolve the issue, you need to update your domain’s nameservers to use only the Cloudflare nameservers provided ( and and remove the others ( and

Support for other name servers alongside Cloudflare’s requires an Enterprise plan.


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