Non CF custom domain to CF Pages site

Hi, I’m unable to figure out how to set a custom domain, thats not on CF, point to a CF Pages site.

Where the custom domain is already managed by CF NS → thats fine and working.
But what if I dont want to move the NS to CF. Is it then not allowed?

I read this in the docs: Get started · Cloudflare Pages docs, but didnt understand the language:

If you don’t want to point your nameservers to Cloudflare, you can still use a custom CNAME record to use a single domain with Cloudflare Pages.

It looks like if your CNAME points to ‘’ that it should work.

Ah, you know what, I believe my problem is solved. In previous trials, I only got the left box. Now I suddenly got the right box, which is the correct flow. I’ve set it up using this, and now it says:

Your records for are being rechecked. You’ll be notified by email when your domain is activated.


Yup, its working fine.