Nominet domain transfer to a new owner - Cloudflare as registrar

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I recently bought a domain off someone and we went through the Nominet transfer to another owner process, I paid and then Nominet asked me to put in a new registrar for when the transfer to myself was completed. I chose Cloudflare, knowing that I would want to add it to Cloudflare later. Since the domain hasn’t been added to my Cloudflare account, Cloudflare hasn’t accepted the handshake for the tag change on the uk domain. Does anyone know of a way I can fix this goof without contacting Cloudflare? I contacted Nominet and they said they can’t change the nameservers for me - they said Cloudflare just need to accept the transfer.



I opened a Registrar ticket with Cloudflare support. Would appreciate if someone from Cloudflare could assist me :slight_smile:


Would be grateful if someone from Cloudflare could take a look. Ticket #2675501

If the domain isn’t in your account, where is Cloudflare supposed to put the registration?

Indeed, but how would I be able to add it to my Cloudflare account if I can’t change the nameservers? I have a ticket in with Cloudflare, so they should be able to add the domain to my account manually and then let me change the nameservers after they accept the TAG change handshake

The transfer ended up expiring, and I had to contact the original owner and ask for them to change the nameservers. I added to my Cloudflare dashboard, started the transfer on Cloudflare, and started the transfer again with Nominet. Cloudflare still says "Transfer in progress. “Please request your current Registrar to update the IPS Tag for this domain to “Cloudflare”.” This has been done by Nominet and yet Cloudflare hasn’t accepted the tag. What do I do?

Cloudflare, your Registrar support is abysmal. Please may someone from Cloudflare contact me ASAP about the escalation I asked for on my ticket?

Sorry to hear that. I’ve added that ticket # to the Community Escalation queue.

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I hear that Support has looked into the issue, and replied on your ticket.

If it hits a dead end again, let us know, and we’ll bump the escalation.

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